365 Days of GIFs, Day 1: Abed Rolls A D20 [Community]

So, I’m going to attempt to make a whole lotta animated GIFs about things that I love – mostly TV shows and movies and video games, since those lend themselves easily to GIF-ing. You can tell I made it based on the hand watermark on the lower left corner. As for why I’m doing this… Well, I’m wanting to do more with this site and I considered a bunch of different “365 Days” possibilities – this one seemed the most do-able in the long-term, not least of which because it lets me range a little farther and wider than the other ideas I had. The mechanics of making GIFs may be more involved than just grabbing a pic or link, but my interest will also be sustained. Also, it would be nice to have more GIFs around that I would personally use, so what better way to assure that than to make my own?

We’re starting off with one of my favorite moments from Community, from the episode “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”. (Expect a lot of Community and Always Sunny In Philly this year!) Six seasons and a movie!

Longer version found here.

Right-click to save the GIF. I most certainly do not claim copyright to the material being GIF’d, I’m just doing this as a fan.